'Conjuring' Genuine Scares of a True Ghost Story

'Conjuring' Genuine Scares of a True Ghost Story

In The Conjuring, in theaters Friday, Bates Motel star Vera Farmiga plays famed paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in the '70s-set horror thriller from Insidious director James Wan, and ET sits down with the stars of the movie – including Warren herself – to talk about what spooks them in real life!

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Based on a true story, The Conjuring follows Warren and her husband Ed (played by Patrick Wilson) as they investigate strange occurrences at a secluded farmhouse in Harrisville, RI. The residents of the house, Roger and Carolyn Perron (played by Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor), are plagued by dark forces, and soon the Warrens find themselves knee-deep in the most terrifying case of their lives.

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Watch the video to see which of the stars seem to be unfazed by the supernatural, and which were clearly disturbed simply by reading the script!