Zachary Levi Talks 'Thor 2,' 'GoT' Obsession

Zachary Levi Talks 'Thor 2,' 'GoT' Obsession

A game Zachary Levi sat down with ET at Comic-Com in San Diego, Calif. to talk about everything from his exciting new role in Thor: The Dark World (Thor 2), what he's currently geeking out over and why Game of Thrones has totally "destroyed" him!

"[Filming Thor 2 was] amazing," Levi says. "I grew up a big comic book fan. There's a certain amount of bucket list things in my life as an actor -- one of those things being a comic book movie -- and I get to check that off and I got to work with incredibly talented people like that cast."

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But one downside he was able to find about his experience filming the epic movie?

The weather!

"We shot in London, so I got to live in London for five months, and, you know, the weather could be a little better," he laughs. "But, it was still amazing. And I was there for the Olympics, and that was insane. It was really a kind of magical experience."

As for what he's currently nerding out over, Levi admits its none other than HBO's Game of Thrones.

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"Well, I'm a giant Game of Thrones fan -- the last couple episodes of that show just destroyed my spirits," he admits. "I was messed up for a week, honestly. It was insane, I couldn't believe how much a show had just like ... not since Lost have I followed a show that passionately and personally."

Check out the video to hear him explain why there was no Thor 2 panel at Comic-Con this year, and also his experience putting together Nerd HQ -- a huge gathering for celebs and fans during Comic-Con hosted at a separate venue, with proceeds going to Operation Smile.