Harrison Ford Plays the Comic-Con 'Game'

Harrison Ford Plays the Comic-Con 'Game'

Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld hit Comic-Con this weekend to talk up their new sci-fi action-adventure Ender's Game; while working on a big-budget sci-fi movie may be a new world to the young stars, it's the crazy world of Comic-Con that's pretty new to Star Wars and Indiana Jones veteran Ford!

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"Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre," says the 71-year-old star about seeing the throngs of enthusiastic fans dressed as their favorite characters from the worlds of comic books, TV, film and fantasy. "It's my second Comic-Con experience – I was here last year with [Ender's Game producer Robert Orci] -- I was handcuffed last year. This year I'm lightly drugged."

Set in a future when Earth is under siege by an insect-like race, Ender's Game finds Ford as the Commander of Training for the International Fleet, a man who sees the potential of a young, bullied boy (Hugo star Butterfield) named Ender Wiggin who could prove to be the savior of mankind. Directed by X-Men Origins: Wolverine helmer Gavin Hood, the big-screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel flies into theaters November 1.

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