Jackman: Fassbender Led all the 'X-Men' Astray


Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in the franchise's latest film, The Wolverine, and ET caught up the man himself at a New York City screening Tuesday for his most hardcore fans.

There, Jackman dished on what it was like reuniting with his X-Men co-stars at Comic-Con over the weekend for the X-Men: Days of Future Past panel.

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"What's so cool about it was doing that for the fans," he said about the experience. "Because obviously we're shooting it at the moment, so we're always together all the time, but you have to really take a moment and realize how lucky you are to be on a panel with that kind of caliber of people, and in front of that crowd -- they just went mental."

Jackman's especially close with Halle Berry, who plays Storm, and shared that she's doing great with her pregnancy.

"When doesn't Halle Berry look beautiful, that's my question," he smiled. "All glowing, pregnant or not -- but she is. I'm so happy for her and you know, it's a great time to work with her again."

But did the star-studded cast hang out together even after the Comic-Con panel?

"We hit the usual dance club," he jokes. "We all sort of hung out together that day -- Michael Fassbender leading us all astray."

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The Wolverine hits theaters this Friday.