Former 'Bachelorette' Reveals Prediction for Des


With the finale of The Bachelorette right around the corner, former Bachelorette contestant Ali Fedotowsky revealed her personal prediction for whom this season's bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock, will select.

"I love Desiree; she's become a really good friend of mine, actually," Fedotowsky said at Wednesday's premiere of Blue Jasmine, in which she holds a small role. "...She didn't give away anything, but I think it's Chris. She's always standing next to him; she always seems to light up when she sees him. Everyone thinks it's Brooks, from spoilers, but I'm going with Chris."

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Fedotowsky has remained active with various television stints since starring on Season 6 of The Bachelorette, from morning-show correspondent to travel-show host. The 28-year-old also makes her acting debut in Blue Jasmine, a Woody Allen film.

"Honestly, it's still a blur to me. It's like a crazy, crazy dream and I feel like I'm going to wake up at any second," she said of the role, which she originally thought was offered by her agent in jest.

A novice to acting, Fedotowsky admitted that she didn't exactly understand the flow of production on set. A little help from acting veterans Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett carried her along, though.

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"When we first started...I didn't know we were filming, really," she confessed. "I knew that they said, like ... 'Go!' or 'Action!' or something...but then they were just talking and I was like, 'Are we going?' but they're just so good. I just thought I would be able to tell that they were acting, and you can't. They're that good.

"...[Cate] was giving me help and Alec asked me where I was from and asked me about my hometown. I just thought that was so cool. Here I was, this scared little girl on their set, and they were so nice to me."

Watch the full video above for more from the cast of Blue Jasmine, including their thoughts on working with director and writer Woody Allen.

Blue Jasmine
is in theaters this Friday (July 26).