Denzel & Mark Mine for Laughs in '2 Guns'


Fresh off his Oscar-nominated performance in the 2012 drama Flight, Denzel Washington was looking for a change of pace and he found it with Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming buddy film 2 Guns.

"The script came along at the perfect time," said Denzel, who explained that he was looking for something lighter but didn't want to make the jump alone. "I knew that Mark was involved and I knew, obviously, about his talent and ability so I said, 'Okay, this is a good opportunity for me.'"

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In the explosive action-comedy, Denzel and Mark play DEA agent Bobby Trench and U.S. naval intelligence officer Marcus Stigman, respectively. These rival undercovers are forced to overcome their distrust of each other and work together when they're disavowed by their superiors.

In their quest to take down a Mexican drug cartel, the two characters don't always see eye-to-eye, which leads to one epic wrestling match.

"It was a grind," Denzel said of shooting the scene. "It was dusty ... it wasn't fun."

Always looking for the next big project, Mark is currently working on Transformers 4, and the actors joked that there could be a huge pop-in for the last leg of filming.

"We're shooting in Hong Kong and mainland China," said Mark.

"I'll meet you in China," said Denzel.

2 Guns, also starring Paula Patton and Bill Paxton, hits theaters August 2.