'Lovelace' Stars on Amanda's Amazing Performance


Amanda Seyfried plays infamous porn star Linda Lovelace in the highly anticipated film Lovelace, and according to Seyfried herself, the main purpose was to get Lovelace's own story out about how she was reportedly used and abused by the porn industry through her husband, but was eventually able to courageously take back her own life.

"I think we made this story mainly because we wanted her real story to come out -- the truth of what actually was going on from her point of view," Seyfried told ET at the film's New York City premiere. "She had a lot to say and she didn't have enough time to say it, and a lot of people wouldn't listen. She had an important voice in bringing up domestic violence. She had an extraordinary set of circumstances and I think it's really fascinating -- the whole story -- and I feel like we didn't even get it all, but we got one part of her life and I think we did good.

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However, though the subject matter was intense during filming, one thing she did love was the '70s wardrobe!

"I loved the fro, it was awesome," she said sincerely. "I love my outfit with the fro, I loved hoovering with the fro. All that stuff is so helpful when you're getting into character. You never underestimate the power of a costume, and the power of your look."

Seyfried's performance as Lovelace is also creating a lot of buzz with critics, and according to her co-star Debi Mazar, she practically transformed into the character.

"She's perfect because she really went there, she let herself show it all, be vulnerable, got to a dark place -- it's a very dark film," she said. "And she really gave it up, and you see happiness, playfulness, vulnerability, nudity and she's fantastic. She really transforms and becomes somebody else. ... It's not Amanda -- It's Linda."

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Her co-star Adam Brody wholeheartedly agreed.

"Amanda's just fantastic, she's funny," Brody said. "She's so good in it, and I've worked with her twice now -- she's so great to work with -- but honestly, it's after when I see the whole movie I realize what she did, and just how good a performance it is. Seeing the big picture I think she just did a wonderful job on this -- although I knew she was killing it working with her, I still had no idea actually.

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Lovelace hits theaters August 9.