Vanessa Hudgens Talks 'Frozen Ground' Pole Dance


Vanessa Hudgens raised many eyebrows last year when the first trailer for The Frozen Ground was released, showing her as a stripper. Now the former Disney darling is opening up to ET about the movie and her pole-dancing scene.

"I was very very nervous about the pole-dance scene," Hudgens admitted. "Obviously that's something that would be a terrifying thing to do in front of a camera and men on the sides of me that I don't know."

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In The Frozen Ground, Hudgens' character, Cindy, gets pulled back into a murderous world when a detective, played by Nicolas Cage, enlists her help in stopping the serial killer who tried to hold her captive.

Hudgens' Oscar-winning co-star had high praise for her performance, saying, "I'm blown away by Vanessa in this movie ... This is a powerful, emotional, deep performance, and I think it's just great that people get to see that she has that ability."

The Frozen Ground, also starring John Cusack, hits theaters and VOD on August 23.