Cedric on Friend A-Rod's Hefty Suspension


As the stars of Planes jetted to Hollywood for the premiere of their animated adventure sports comedy, they reacted to on a historic day in the world of sports, as Major League Baseball handed an unprecedented suspension down to Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was issued a hefty suspension on Monday that will last through the 2014 season (the equivalent of over 200 games) for the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

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The veteran third baseman immediately appealed the suspension and returned to the playing field on Monday night to a chorus of boos in Chicago's U.S. Cellular Field in what was his first game of the season after returning from injury.

Rodriguez, a 14-time All-Star and three-time MVP, was one of a multitude of players that were handed suspensions in connection with the clinic, Biogenesis, that distributed PEDs to the players.

"It's tough. I'm huge baseball fan. I know Alex well. I think that we don't want any cheating in sports, and at the same time, that means that I don't want sports cheating somebody," said Cedric the Entertainer, who sported a Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap, to ET's special correspondent Jackie Johnson.

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"You can't want to get out [of] the contract and then give this guy a punishment harder and more harsh than you would anybody else. It seems a little personal. ... If he deserves punishment, do it accordingly, but don't make him some kind of poster boy of 'Look, we don't like you. We're going to go harder on you than we would anybody else.'"

Dane Cook, who also had his share of comedic and serious thoughts about A-Rod's suspension, talked about his starring voice role in the film as "Dusty Crophopper," a character to which he says he can relate.

"I was actually so introverted that I would get panic attacks walking to school. I had a lot of anxiety as a kid, a lot of phobias," the comedian said. "Yet, I wanted to be a performer; I knew I wanted to be a stand-up comedian ever since I was a kid, so [it's] kind of a parallel to this character."

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As the film, a spin-off of the popular animated film series Cars, dives into the world of planes, ET asked the stars which plane experiences of theirs stood out in their minds.

"I've had a few bad ones, but...recently I got stuck next to somebody with the worst B.O. I've ever encountered in my entire life," Julia Louis-Dreyfus recalled with a disgusted facial inflection. "I'm experienced, and I've encountered B.O. in my life but nothing like this."

is in theaters this Friday (August 9).