WATCH: Gandolfini's Last Lead Performance


One of James Gandolfini's final roles was starring alongside Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and now, the trailer for Enough Said reveals the chemistry between the two HBO stars.

In his last lead part before his death, The Sopranos star plays Albert, the boyfriend of Julia's character Eva, a massage therapist. Eva accidentally befriends Albert's ex-wife Marianne (Catherine Keener), and begins to learn all of his vices. Golden Globe winner Toni Collette also stars in the romantic comedy as the best friend to Julia's character.

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"It was a dream working with Jim Gandolfini. He was a great friend of mine and we worked very closely together on our movie Enough Said, which is coming out in September," the actress told ET earlier this week of the late actor.

Enough Said hits theaters September 20, 2013. Gandolfini passed away on June 19 of a heart attack in Italy. He was 51.