Stan Lee, Geek God of YouTube?


Stan Lee might be the ultimate geek, having created or co-created the likes of Spider-Man, The Avengers, Hulk, Wolverine, X-Men and so many more superhero icons for Marvel Comics, so it's only fitting that he should host today's Super Wednesday for YouTube's Geek Week. Perhaps we should call him the Geek God? 

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The timeless legend champions everything superhero-related on his Stan Lee's World of Heroes YouTube channel, and he took the time to talk to ETonline about the best that his channel has to offer. 

"We have both scripted and unscripted shows, and we try to offer something for everyone," says Stan, "from comic book fans with animated features like Bad Days to regular pop-culture enthusiasts looking for my opinions in Stan's Rants. We play up hero culture, the geek universe -- anything that has to do with superheroes in any way, mostly humorously, but some of the things are very serious, because a superhero is a very serious type of concept." 

Bad Days reallycracks us up, and Stan explains, "It is such a clever cartoon; they take well-known superheroes and put them in silly situations. … The cartoons are extremely popular on our little channel."

Stan's Pow Entertainment is also going strong with all sorts of projects, and he generously gave a preview of the next superhero he's developing for the big screen.

"It's going to be obviously a big motion picture," says Stan. "We're doing it with a Chinese hero. We feel it's about time we had a Chinese superhero, and it's going to be called The Annihilator. It's not a Chinese movie, it's a movie for the whole world, and I think it's true to the Stan Lee tradition if there is any such thing. He's a superhero with a rather interesting and convoluted personal life and he gets his power in a very odd and dramatic way, and he has a supervillain to battle who seems to be more powerful than he is, or else it isn't fun."

The master storyteller holds tight to any other details and high points of the movie, as he'd like to keep a few surprises up his sleeve: "It's very hard today to surprise superhero fans because they've already seen just about everything, so when we at Pow Entertainment can come up with something that's really new and different and still fits in the genre, we're very excited about it."

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And since it is officially Geek Week at YouTube, what defines a geek to the great Stan Lee?

"I was hoping you wouldn't ask -- I’ve been wondering myself," Stan says with his trademark humor and humility. "I'm inclined to think, and maybe this is my own guesswork, maybe it's a person who is incredibly enthusiastic about pop culture, and most of the pop culture centering around superheroes and movies. I guess rock music too, or all kinds of music. … A geek is somebody, and again I'm making this up as I go along, who is totally devoted to all things that have to do with pop culture."

'Nuff said. Excelsior!