'Paranoia' Veteran Actors' Reception of Hemsworth


As the stars of Paranoia reunited at the DGA Theater for the film's Los Angeles premiere, director Robert Luketic revealed how veteran actors Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman received up-and-comer Liam Hemsworth during production.

Luketic, who typically directs comedies and romantic comedies (Legally Blonde, The Ugly Truth, Killers), described the experience of directing the thriller as "awesome" and had tall praises for Ford.

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"[Harrison] is actually one of the sweetest people you'll ever met," the Australian director attested. "He's very soft-spoken and a very caring person."

Luketic also spoke to the camaraderie on set, which extended to rising star Liam Hemsworth, who plays the film's protagonist, "Adam Cassidy."

"It was wonderful to see Gary [Oldman] and Harrison really nurture Liam and give him advice," he added. "They really respected Liam, and that was really wonderful to see."

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Judging by Hemsworth's kind words towards Ford at Thursday evening's premiere, the respect was reciprocal.

"It was great," the 23-year-old Australian, who attended the event with fiancée Miley Cyrus, said of working with Ford. "He's a legend; he's a great guy to work with. We were really fortunate to have great writing to work with and a great director, and the whole cast was just really good."

The writing that Hemsworth praised, modified for the big-screen by Barry L. Levy and Jason Dean Hall, is based upon a New York Times bestselling novel of the same name released in 2004 by Joseph Finder, who also penned bestselling thrillers Company Men and Killer Instinct.

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Although he starred in the thriller, Hemsworth confessed his own paranoia, which came on apt week.

"I get paranoid about all sorts of things, sharks mostly, though. That would be my biggest paranoia," he admitted as Discovery was in the midst of its annual "Shark Week."

is in theaters August 16.