Oprah: 'Butler' Made Stedman Cry for First Time

Oprah: 'Butler' Made Stedman Cry for First Time

Oprah graced the red carpet premiere of her new film Lee Daniels' The Butler decked out in a beautiful purple dress, and was all smiles when talking about the reaction she has gotten about the film from her long-time significant other Stedman Graham.

"Well Stedman loved it," Oprah said, "In 27, however many years we've been together, I have never seen Stedman cry in a movie. And last week, at the premiere, he saw it for the first time, there were tears."

The film is a historical drama that focuses on the life of a White House butler as he serves under different presidents, and the changing climates of American politics. In the film, Oprah plays the wife of the titular butler, who is portrayed by Forest Whitaker.

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In the film, Oprah has some rather risqué scenes.

"I hadn't talked to [Stedman] about the kissing scenes," added Oprah. "He did not cry at those parts."

She said she just held Stedman's hand to help him through some of those scenes.

Oprah was joined on the red carpet by many of the film's other stars, including James Marsden, who played former President John F. Kennedy.

"It was exciting and terrifying at the same time," said Marsden, when asked what it was like to portray the iconic American figure. "Everybody knows who he is, and we all have a very vivid image of what he stands for, and what he looked like and sounded like. And to recreate that accurately was a bid responsibility."

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The slew of stars also included Forest Whitaker, who plays the eponymous butler. While early Oscar buzz is brewing, the seasoned veteran says he doesn’t pay too much attention to that sort of thing.

Check out the video for more from the stars of Lee Daniels' The Butler, in theaters August 16.