WATCH: ScarJo & JGL's Heavy Make-Out In 'Don Jon'

Relativity Media

"Don't you think it's always better when it means something?" Scarlett Johansson purrs between kisses with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The new teaser for the dramedy Don Jon debuted during Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards and has the actors in a heavy, and we mean heavy, make-out session.

Johansson plays Barbara who is saying one thing to Don Jon (Gordon-Levitt) outside her door, but is certainly doing another. "It's not time for that yet," she says. "I wanna meet your friends. I wanna meet your family."

Written and directed by JGL, the film follows New Jersey guy Don Jon who is dedicated to his family, friends and church, but develops unrealistic expectations from watching porn and therefore has to work even harder to find happiness and intimacy with his potential true love.


Don Jon hits theaters Sept. 27, 2013. Will you be watching? Play movie critic in the comments.