Selena's Talent Impresses 'Getaway' Co-Stars


Pop-singing sensation Selena Gomez has been working hard to change her image from innocent Disney star to that of a confident, mature actress, and with the upcoming release of the action packed thriller Getaway, she has firmly planted her foot down and taken a huge step toward changing the way people look at her.

After winning the MTV VMA trophy for Best Pop Video on Sunday, Selena was walking down the red carpet for her film's premiere on Monday, looking confident and beautiful as she posed with co-star Ethan Hawke.

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And all anyone could talk about was how good Selena is in the film.

"I think she handles herself beautifully," said Hawke. "She's a very serious young woman, with a brain in her head and a lot to offer."

And the film's director, Courtney Solomon, was just as complimentary. "I think she did fantastic, I really do. She's a great actress… we were lucky to get her. Because the role was that age, and she was perfect to sort of add that edge to where she's been previously."

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Check out the video to see what Selena says about her career choices, and how she kept up to the veteran actors she worked alongside in the movie.

Getaway drives into theaters August 30.