Brief Glimpse at Franco's 'Child Of God'


Child of God
marks the third feature film directed by James Franco, and like his other directorial efforts, Interior. Leather Bar. and As I Lay Dying, Franco is really pushing the envelope when it comes to the stories he is trying to tell.

From this very short trailer, we don't get to see much, or really anything, of what Child of God is about. However, it is adapted from a story by Cormac McCarthy, who is also responsible for The Road, No Country For Old Men, and the upcoming film The Counselor

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If the movie follows the plot of McCarthy's book, this will be an intense ride. The story is about a man named Lester Ballard who, due to a tendency towards violence and a rough life, spirals into a world of crime, degradation and murder.

Franco, 35, has become quite the director, with a wide-range of interests as his films run the gamut from a sexually explicit docufiction with Interior. Leather Bar., to an adaptation of the stream-of-consciousness novel As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner.

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It will be interesting to see, as Child of God plays the festival circuits starting at the Venice Film Festival, how the movie develops. The film also stars Franco, and Coen Brothers' favorite Tim Blake Nelson, who narrates this trailer.