Rogen and a Shirtless Efron Tease 'Neighbors'


In Neighbors, Seth Rogen plays a new father who must contend with a loud and disastrously intrusive fraternity that moves in next door to his dream house. In a wild turn away from his Disney roots, Zac Efron plays the insane, hard-partying frat leader.

And how do they advertise their raucous comedy in the new teaser trailer? They have Zac Efron stand around half naked, and tell him to "keep [his] pretty mouth shut."

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The film is directed by Nicholas Stoller, who also brought us the dirty and hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall and its spiritual sequel Get Him to the Greek.

If the teaser has whetted your appetite for the dirty hilarity, check out this NSFW red band trailer, where it's clear that this film will be more than a little inappropriate.

However, we all may have to wait quite a while, as the release date is currently set for May 9, 2014.