Julia on Co-Star Gandolfini's 'Inner Softness'


In James Gandolfini's second-to-last acting role, he stars alongside Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the new comedy Enough Said. We recently sat down with Julia to get her thoughts on working with the late Sopranos star in the film, which she says shows Gandolfini as he was in real life.

Julia -- who said it was "terrifically bittersweet" that she had to promote the film without her late co-star -- says that despite his towering physical stature, Gandolfini had a kind, gentle demeanor. "He was massive, but he had a softness, an inner softness. And I think it comes through in the film, and that's really who he was."

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The actress also revealed she became "really close" to Gandolfini during filming and said it was "amazing" to get to play opposite him. "This is a part of his legacy, because this film showed another side of him... this role of Albert is really close to who James was -- a very dear, earnest, thoughtful, self-effacing guy."

In the movie, Gandolfini plays Albert, the boyfriend of Julia's character Eva, a massage therapist who accidentally befriends Albert's ex-wife Marianne (Catherine Keener), and begins to learn all his vices. Golden Globe winner Toni Collette also stars in the romantic comedy set to hit theaters September 18.

Watch the video to also hear the film's writer/director Nicole Holofcener share her thoughts on working with Gandolfini, who passed away at age 51 in June after suffering a heart attack in Italy.

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