Is 'Ass Backwards' The Next Great Cult Comedy?


In the grand tradition of Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, The Sweetest Thing, Connie & Carla, Drop Dead Gorgeous and countless other female-fronted films that didn't get the respect they deserved upon release -- but have intensely devoted fan-followings -- comes Ass Backwards, a new movie written by and starring Happy Endings alum Casey Wilson and NTSF:SD:SUV's June Diane Raphael.

"I describe the movie as two asses on parade," Wilson recently told me at The 2013 OUTFEST Film Festival of the movie, which also stars Alicia Silverstone. "It's a female buddy comedy that's got it all: pageants, road trips, meth heads, a lesbian commune ... seriously. It's got everything."

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More formally, Ass Backwards revolves around Kate and Chloe, two childhood best friends who met when they placed dead last in their hometown beauty pageant. Now, full-grown delusional NYC-dwellers, the ladies are given one last chance to win the crowns that eluded them as kids and take a roadtrip to their hometown in hopes of finally tasting sweet pageant glory.

"They made my job very easy," director Chris Nelson tells ETonline. "They have such distinct voices. For me, it was about framing them in the best way I could and, from there, just stepping back and letting them do what I know they can do so well." Which is? "Taking our clothes off," Wilson deadpans. "It's just maybe not the parts you want to see," Raphael laughs. "There's no low we won't stoop to in the name of comedy."

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A sentiment that also extends to marketing their movie, which both ladies admit will be an uphill battle. "I think we have such an interesting and loyal fanbase that's into the alternative comedy we love to do, so I'm hoping they will be unleashed," says Raphael. For her part, Wilson sees the recent success of The Heat as a hopeful sign audiences are warming up to female buddy comedies. "We made this movie as an indie. That's what we wanted to make. This is really us doing our thing, in our voice with nothing holding us back ... except a lack of money."

ETonline scored an exclusive clip from Ass Backwards (above) and you can check out the trailer below. Ass Backwards is available On Demand now and in theaters November 8.