Inside the 'Bling Ring' 'Hills' Obsession


It's no surprise that the "Bling Ring"  -- a group of fame-obsessed teens who boldly robbed celebrity homes belonging to the likes of Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson and Audrina Patridge in 2008 -- would be obsessed with the glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle portrayed on the MTV hit The Hills, but in this exclusive clip from The Bling Ring Blu-ray/DVD, the real-life group's alleged leader Rachel Lee's obsession is explored on a deeper --and surprisingly disturbing  -- level.

Writer Nancy Jo Sales -- whose Vanity Fair piece The Suspects Wore Louboutins served as the basis for Sofia Coppola's much buzzed-about The Bling Ring starring Emma Watson -- explains Lee's obsession in the clip, which stems from a deep admiration for Audrina Patridge's style.

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"Audrina Patridge had this very Southern California girl look that Rachel really emulated, and she wanted Audrina's clothes," Sales explains. " ... They go into her house in the Hollywood Hills, she and Nick [Prugo] approach the front door, the surveillance camera is looking down on her, and she kinda tosses her hair around -- she's kind of languid. She almost seems to be posing. And when I watched it, what I thought to myself was, 'She wants Audrina Patridge to see her.'"

"She was before one of the faces in the crowd -- would never stand out -- [and] here she was doing something that would get their attention," another commentator explains.

Watch the clip to see actual surveillance camera footage of Lee's odd behavior at Patridge's house.

Video: Inside 'The Bling Ring'

The Bling Ring Blu-ray/DVD will be released Tuesday, September 17.