'Thanks for Sharing' Cast Talks Sex Addiction


Seeing as how Gwyneth Paltrow's next film, Thanks for Sharing, explores the topic of sex addiction, ET's Rob Marciano got the Oscar winner to open up about her personal vices as well as her thoughts on the legitimacy of sex addiction being a disorder.

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"I think it's very much a real disease that people have," said Paltrow. "I've known a few and it's a very painful and shameful thing for people."

In the film, Paltrow plays the girlfriend of Mark Ruffalo's character who is in recovery from sex addiction.

"Often times people think it's what you say when you're caught," said co-star Tim Robbins. "I went to one of these meetings and it's the real deal ... there's a difference between people that are into sex and people that have sex addiction."

While Paltrow denies having any true addictions, her life isn't completely free of temptation.

"I love a martini," Paltrow said before adding, "not every day though, and not in the morning."

Josh Gad and Pink also star in Thanks for Sharing, hitting theaters September 20.