Exclusive Pic: Brad's Break on 'World War Z' Set


World War Z invades Blu-ray & DVD everywhere today, and we've got an exclusive, unseen gem from the set!

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In this never-before-seen pic, producer and star Brad Pitt -- looking a little worse for wear with the help of "injury" makeup -- leans against the landing gear of a downed airliner as he takes a break and chats with co-producer Jeremy Kleiner. It's just a taste of what goes on behind the scenes of a Brad Pitt blockbuster...

The story of a United Nations rep who traverses the globe amid a swarming zombie epidemic in search of a cure, World War Z is directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) and co-stars Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz and James Badge Dale.

Exclusive Clip: Brad's Crucial Choice in 'WWZ'

Bonus features on the World War Z Blu-ray include the behind-the-scenes featurettes Origins (the filmmakers discuss collaborating with Brad to create a zombie film the likes of which have never been seen); Looking to Science (explore the scientific realities of zombie behavior in nature and learn more about zombies in literature and film); and the four-part WWZ: Production, which goes on set and dissects key scenes from the film, from the breathtaking first attack in Philadelphia and the dramatic escape in South Korea to the epic scene in Jerusalem and the final confrontation between Gerry and the zombies.