Alexander Payne Brings Us To 'Nebraska'

Alexander Payne Brings Us To 'Nebraska'

Alexander Payne, director of many quirky comedies such as The Descendants, Sideways, Election and About Schmidt, is back with Nebraska, a story about a man, his son, and their late-in-life bonding adventure.

Veteran actor Bruce Dern plays an old alcoholic father to a fed-up middle-aged son, played by SNL alum Will Forte. Dern thinks he's won a million-dollar sweepstakes, which Forte clearly recognizes as a marketing scam.

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Ignoring his son's advice, Dern decides to drive from their home in Montana to Nebraska, to claim the money. Realizing this might be the last chance he has to bond with his aging father, Forte decides to indulge the delusion and go on the trip with him.

However, all the talk about a million dollars gets friends and family interested, along with drawing the interest of some very bad men, who want the money for themselves.

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Payne has an amazing track record, and Dern and Forte look like they have stunning chemistry as an estranged father and son in this small black and white film that's absolutely dripping with indie charm.

is set to hit theaters November 22, 2013.