Schreiber Finds Life During 'Last Days On Mars'


It's been a while since the Hollywood heyday of Mars exploration movies, such as Red Planet and Mission to Mars. But now, another doomed mission to the fourth rock from the sun is being crewed by Liev Schreiber, and what they are bringing back looks scarier than ever.

This new trailer for The Last Days on Mars is heavy on bone-chilling atmosphere, and light on spoilers, other than the foregone conclusion that their once-peaceful Mars mission is going to go terribly, impossibly wrong.

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Veteran character actor Elias Koteas plays the captain of the mission, with Schreiber, Olivia Williams and several others making up his crew. It's finally time to return to earth, but some of the crew doesn't want to give up on the mission quite yet. Unfortunately, what they stumble upon threatens the life of everyone on the crew.

Clearly inspired by outer space horror classics that came before, most notably Alien, The Last Days on Mars seems like it has the potential to join the short list of truly-scary alien-horror films, like The Thing, Predator, or ET: The Extraterrestrial, which wasn't technically a horror film, but gave many children nightmares nonetheless.

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The Last Days on Mars
is scheduled to hit theaters December 6.