Patton Shows Comedy Talents in 'Baggage Claim'


The beautiful and talented Paula Patton is getting a chance to work out her comedy muscles in the upcoming rom-com Baggage Claim. The film premiered this Wednesday, and the movie's massive ensemble cast turned out en masse to walk the red carpet.

Baggage Claim
follows Patton's character, who has been unlucky in love for most of her life and with her sister getting married is now poised to be the only girl in her family without a husband. She embarks on a romantic quest to find a man who she can get engaged to before she serves as her sister's bridesmaid.

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Patton, whose acting career began in 2005, has never really gotten a chance to show off how funny she can really be, but according to her co-stars, most of whom have backgrounds in comedy, Patton pulls it off with superb grace and talent.

"I love working with Paula," said David E. Talbert, the director and writer of Baggage Claim. "How beautiful is she when she allows herself to be vulnerable, and goofy, and run through airports and get in trashcans? That's a dream come true for a director."

Patton's husband, Blurred Lines artist Robin Thicke, joined his wife on the red carpet, and praised her acting talent, and her natural humor.

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"Nobody knows how funny this girl is at home. She has me rolling all the time," Thicke said. "I think that this is just the beginning of her incredible romantic comedy career."

Check out the video to hear from Paula what it was like to lead this comedy ensemble, and what she has to say about Miley Cyrus's recent comments in her interview with Rolling Stone.

Baggage Claim
hits theaters September 27.