'Walking Dead' Star Reedus Smolders with Watts


The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus turns in an impressive performance in the new film Sunlight Jr., in which he plays Naomi Watts' shady ex-boyfriend who she once had to put a restraining order on.

In this exclusive clip, Reedus (Justin) shares an intense conversation with Watts (Melissa), who's pregnant with her disabled boyfriend Richie's (Matt Dillon) child. Watts and Dillon, though in love, are trapped in a generational cycle of poverty, and must struggle through the daunting hardships that come their way, which includes not only fending off a creepy Justin, but Melissa dealing with an abusive boss and the two of them facing eviction from their already rundown motel.

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Check out the video above to see Reedus and Watts shine in the dark film, and click the video below to watch the full trailer.

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Sunlight Jr. comes to VOD October 7, and hits theaters November 15.