Stars Praise Oscar Isaac 'Inside Llewyn Davis'


One of the most buzzed about movies at the current New York Film Festival is the new Coen Bros. movie Inside Llewyn Davis, which delves into the Greenwich Village folk scene of the '60s with a brunette Carey Mulligan
at odds with the complicated title character, played by her Drive co- star Oscar Isaac. ET was at the film's weekend festival premiere to get the stars to assess Isaac's performance in his first role as a leading man.

"It's incredible special. I mean they took a chance on me and allowed me
to shoulder the movie and I'm just so excited that people are really
responding so well to it," the 33-year-old Guatemalan-American said on the red carpet. 

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"It's the perfect place because we shot it all around New York and it's about New York," Isaac said about debuting the movie at the New York Film Festival. "It's about a very important time that happened in this city, so to be able to premiere it here is so cool."  The star added that audiences can look forward to musical authenticity since all the actual singing and playing is done live.

Commenting on her favorite musical performances in the film, Mulligan said there were several that stood out in Inside Llewyn Davis, which is set to hit theaters December 20. "Everything that Oscar sings," she gushed. "... And Adam Driver and Justin and Oscar's little trio."

VIDEO: Oscar Isaac Shines in New Llewyn Davis Trailer

The film is also populated by Coen Brothers mainstay John Goodman (sporting yet another great look) as well as Justin Timberlake, Tron actor Garrett Hedlund, Girls stars Alex Karpovsky and Adam Driver and F. Murray Abraham.

"It's a fantastic film, I'm so proud to be a part of it," Hedlund said. "Everybody's so great, Oscar is so wonderful. And now everybody is going to get to see how incredible he is as a musician and singer."