Exclusive Clip: Rudd & Giamatti Face Off


Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti team up -- and then face off -- as ex-cons looking to cash in on the holiday season by selling Christmas trees in the gritty comedy All is Bright, and we have an exclusive clip from the film, in select theaters this weekend.

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In All is Bright, Rudd and Giamatti play French Canadians and former partners-in-crime who try out a get-rich-quick scheme by selling the trees in New York City. Giamatti's no-nonsense character is fresh out of the clink and looking to get his life back on track -- and his wife back. The only hitch is that his estranged spouse is living with Rudd's charming-yet-shallow character.

As they encounter an eclectic array of tough New York customers and as old tensions boil to the surface, can the two former friends finally bury the hatchet and make an honest buck?

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All is Bright is directed by Phil Morrison (Junebug) and written by playwright and television writer Melissa James Gibson, (The Americans), her feature film-writing debut.