NEW CLIPS: 'The Counselor' Brims With Tension

NEW CLIPS: 'The Counselor' Brims With Tension

Ridley Scott is back, and this time he's brought us the gritty, dark drama The Counselor.

The film weaves a tale about a money-hungry lawyer, played by the incomparable Michael Fassbender, who decides to try his hand at drug trafficking in order to facilitate his hunger for wealth and power. As expected, things go wrong and lives are put in jeopardy.

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The film also stars a long-haired Brad Pitt as a drug-trafficking middle man, a crazy-haired Javier Bardem as a dangerous psychopath, Cameron Diaz as Bardem's equally deadly wife, and Penelope Cruz as Fassbender's innocent girlfriend.

The movie looks tense, and a lot of that mood might come from the fact that it was written by the legendary author Cormac McCarthy. This is the first script that McCarthy has ever had gotten produced, however his novels The Road and No Country For Old Men have both been turned into harrowing, troubling films in the last few years.

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With a script by one of the darkest authors of our generation in the hands of one of the world's greatest directors, and featuring a cast that simply cannot be beat, it feels like The Counselor could be that rare movie that changes the way you think about film.

Check out the video for some very tense clips from The Counselor, as well as its cast and creator discussing what went on during the production.

The Counselor
hits theaters October 25.