The '70s Con Is On In 'American Hustle' Trailer


American Hustle makes the late 1970s look kind of fantastic. If you weren't on board with this film already, the new trailer for David O. Russell's upcoming period piece crime caper is sure to change your mind.

This trailer has everything you could ever want in one of Russell's trailers: Bradley Cooper with rollers in his hair, Jeremy Renner looking like he's been pulled straight out of a 1976 used car commercial, Christian Bale with a comb-over and potbelly, Jennifer Lawrence in an incredible revealing white dress and Amy Adams with a few amazing perms. WATCH.

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The film is based on a true story that follows Bale, a con artist, and his con-artist partner Adams as they team up with Cooper, an FBI agent who wants to use their skills to bring down several New Jersey Underworld bosses.

Russell combines his all-star, Oscar nominated casts from The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook for what looks to be the must-see film of the holiday season.

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American Hustle is set to his theaters on Christmas Day. What do you think of the trailer? Play movie critic in the comments!