'The Counselor' Composer On Creating A Tense Score


The upcoming crime thriller The Counselor looks to be a very tense tale about greed, loss, pain and betrayal, but subtly highlighting every moment of the film's twisted story is a taught and radically experimental score by composer Daniel Pemberton.

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In this behind-the-scenes look at the development of The Counselor's score, Pemberton talks about the open-mindedness of director Ridley Scott and his drive to creator memorable music unlike any you've heard before.

"One of the great things with Ridley was he would respond to often the more extreme experimental ideas I was throwing out early on in the process," Pemberton said. "I like to try and come up with a lot of unusual and sort of new sort of sounds, rather than things you've heard before. So as a composer, that’s kind of very inspiring because it pushes you to try and work harder in those kind of areas."

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Check out the video for more from Daniel Pemberton about what he tried to create with the score for the atmospheric drama.

The Counselor
opens everywhere October 25.