Sly & Arnold Volunteer for '50 Shades of Greyer'


While sitting down with ET to discuss their latest joint film The Escape Plan, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger reacted to Charlie Hunnam dropping out of Fifty Shades of Grey and offered their suggestion for his replacement.

The entertainment world was abuzz this weekend after it was revealed that Hunnam, star of the drama series Sons of Anarchy, would no longer play the titular role of "Christian Grey" in the film adaptation of the popular erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Asked for their opinion on who should fill the role, Sly and Arnold didn't hesitate to nominate themselves for the role—jointly, of course. Although, Sly suggested a slight tweak in the film's title: Fifty Shades of Greyer.

When Stallone wasn't cracking jokes or teasing Schwarzenegger with sweets to tempt him to break his diet, he and Arnold reflected on their many years as an action stars. Sly highlighted the importance of performing one's own stunts, which was echoed by his co-star.

"You got to have substance," said Schwarzenegger, best known for his work in The Terminator series. "...Today they want to see the body being developed so you look...heroic and you look believable that [you] can do all those fight scenes. ... They know my bodybuilding and being there's certain things I've done in movies that you couldn't fake."

VIDEO: Trailer: Sly & Arnold's 'Escape Plan'

Although Arnold and Sly are both now thought of as the quintessential action stars alongside the likes of Chuck Norris, Harrison Ford, and John Wayne, they'll be the first to admit that it takes some time to institute oneself as an action star.

"I think you slowly establish yourself as [a viable action star] and then you become so engrained in their brain that when some young person comes around—also very talented, great-looking, good moves, good athlete—but that person, over the next decade, has to establish themselves as this action hero to be believable," said Schwarzenegger, who was dittoed by Stallone.

Watch the full interview above to hear more from Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger on their upcoming action thriller The Escape Plan, which arrives in theaters on Friday (Oct. 18).