Gillian Anderson Opens Up About Her 'Last Love'

Gillian Anderson Opens Up About Her 'Last Love'

Much like Amour, 2012's Best Foreign Film Oscar winner, Last Love explores the effect losing a loved one has on a spouse, but unlike France's somber cinematic offering, the Michael Caine-fronted film also examines how a widower can move on in the aftermath of a profound loss.

Furthermore, Last Love examines at the familial fallout through the eyes of Justin Kirk and Gillian Anderson, who plays Caine's children. ETonline caught up with the charismatic actress to talk about this powerful new movie, her equally incredible Netflix series, The Fall, and the odds she'll ever play Agent Dana Scully again.

ETonline: What was the appeal of this project for you?

Gillian Anderson: It's not a film that Americans get to see very often. Last year there was Amour, a beautiful film, that was a slice of life and slow and French and beautiful. This is along those lines. We're all going to end up having to make difficult decisions about how we move into the next part of our lives, and the degree of loss that comes to us as we get older, but it all comes down to family and connection. When you hear people talk about the meaningful things in their lives, it's about relationships and kindness and connectedness and that's what this film really underscores. But the biggest appeal was working with Sandra [Nettelbeck, writer/director]. I've been a fan of hers since Mostly Martha.

ETonline: And what did you like about your character, Karen?

Anderson: She's goofy, she's a bit larger-than-life, she's in your face and likes things around her to be very precise; she's very much a big personality. I felt like it would be fun to be light for a change. I love doing comedy, so it wasn't a difficult decision for me.

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ETonline: Why do you think you don't do more comedy?

Anderson: Well, many of the plays I've done have been comedic and I've met on or chased films that were comedic, but I don't think people see me that way -- and I certainly don't do myself any favors in terms of the roles I do choose [laughs]. But I love doing comedy. And a lot of The X Files episodes had comedic elements to them, people forget that sometimes.

ETonline: Yes, well, one of the projects that's currently doing your funnybone no favors is The Fall, which I'm absolutely obsessed with. Is there a plan in place for filming season two?

Anderson: We're going to start shooting in February in Belfast. I've read the first few scripts and it's more intense than season one, which is kind of unbelievable. I'm very, very happy with the direction the show is going and so glad to be a part of that project and to play Stella. It's just a wonderful series.

ETonline: How would you describe season two?

Anderson: The noose is tightening and we're getting closer and closer to finding Paul [the serial killer Jamie Dornan plays]. There are some pitfalls in the way, which are infuriating for Stella [laughs] but, yes, it's basically us getting closer and closer.

ETonline: Do you know if there's a plan for how many seasons the show could run?

Anderson: The intention would be to do three or maybe four seasons.

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ETonline: Fantastic! And Jamie's new role as Christian Grey won't present a problem for filming?

Anderson: I don't think it's going to have an effect on shooting -- if anything; hopefully people will become obsessed with him and want to check out everything he's done, which would only have a positive impact on our show. I'm so happy for him if he's happy, and we'll see how it happens.

ETonline: In either case, his role on The Fall is certainly going to make me view 50 Shades differently!

Anderson: Or vice versa, and I don't know which would be more interesting [laughs]. It would just take the show to a more disturbing level.

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ETonline: You're also coming off a stretch of time where you've been doing a fair amount of anniversary press for The X Files. What has it been like revisiting that experience?

Anderson: It's been nice! Chris Carter and a lot of the other writers were in San Diego [for Comic-Con], and we've obviously got an amazing roster of writers who have gone on to other wonderful shows like Breaking Bad and Homeland. It was cool to see them after all these years and to celebrate something that has had a big impact on television. Also, I got to hang out with David [Duchovny]. We don't get much of a chance to see each other, so when we do, it's great -- we laughed a lot and it was a really sweet experience.

ETonline: Are you surprised at all for the insatiable appetite for another X Files film?

Anderson: Yes and no. Any time I walk out on any of those panels and hear the roar of thousands of people there's a moment of surprise, and then I'm reminded that people still have strong feelings for it and are very passionate about it. As for a third film, I honestly don't know what it's going to take. I don't know if it's making enough fans petition Fox to agree to make the next one or having a great script written. Even with the attention it has gotten over the past year, it doesn't seem to be moving things forward. I don't know what the answer is to make it happen.

Last Love
opens Friday and season one of The Fall is now available on Netflix and on DVD.