Naomi Watts on Princess Diana's 'Vulnerability'


Sixteen years after Princess Diana's tragic and untimely death people around the world are still fascinated by her life and her story.

Now, Naomi Watts is bringing that story, one shrouded in mystery despite being one of the most documented lives in modern history, to the big screen with her portrayal of the princess in the upcoming film Diana.

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But what is it about Diana's legacy that still captures people's immense interest to this day?

"She's really one of a kind," said Watts, on the red carpet of the New York City premiere of Diana. "There's been no one like her that has created that much intrigue."

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Watts continued, when asked about what aspects to Diana's life made her so special to people, "Obviously the fact that she's a princess, and very beautiful, very graceful, a strong woman. But at the same time she had a vulnerability and openness… [she] made us feel like we could relate to her."

Check out the video for more from the stars of Diana as they discuss what made the princess the historical icon she is, more than a decade-and-a-half after her passing.

hits theaters this Friday.

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