'Best Man' Reunites for 'Holiday' after 14 Years

'Best Man' Reunites for 'Holiday' after 14 Years

Fourteen years after they assembled for the 1999 comedy The Best Man, the cast reunites for The Best Man Holiday. ET caught up with the fun-spirited cast to find out how the sequel came about, how it felt to be back together, and discover more about that incredible dance scene.

On screen, the Best Man characters, who were all college friends, reunite over the Christmas holidays for the first time in 15 years. Although most of the cast mates had seen each other in the interim, Holiday was their first time gathering as a group, which is something they said they deeply cherished.

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"It was great to get back together with everyone," said Morris Chestnut (Lance). "I'd seen everyone throughout the year, but I never really hung out with everyone. All of those personalities getting back together in one room and in one city—there was a lot going on."

The cast revealed that the seed to making the sequel was planted by writer-director Malcolm D. Lee, who brought the cast together for a dinner to pitch Best Man Holiday to them. After Lee collaborated with the actors on molding their 15-years-older characters, it took a few years for the film to get picked up despite the success of its predecessor.

Now days away from its theatrical release, viewers are in for a combination of emotions when watching the film, ranging from hysterical laughs to devastated cries. Among the film's notable scenes is a synchronized dance routine performed by the men, which is guaranteed to render some giggles.

"They really practiced. They were serious about it," said Nia Long (Jordan).

The cast revealed that Lee requested that the women not see the men rehearsing the dance so he could catch their candid reactions in the film.

"That was actually one of the most fun things about doing the whole movie, I think—the rehearsals for it, and Morris Chestnut...worked so hard to get it...that the rest of us felt like we had to do it," Harold Perrineau (Julian) revealed.

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Watch the video above to hear the cast talk about the unforgettable dance scene, their personal favorite holidays, and what a film 15 years from now would look like.

Best Man Holiday
is in theaters November 15.