Cibrian & Rimes Show Love at 'Best Man' Premiere

Cibrian & Rimes Show Love at 'Best Man' Premiere

Despite recent rumors that actor Eddie Cibrian and his wife of two years LeAnn Rimes were separating, the couple seemed to put those rumors to rest as the kissing couple walked the red carpet at the premiere of Cibrian's new film The Best Man Holiday.

Cibrian and Rimes hugged and kissed for the cameras, and the premiere served as a date-night of sorts for the couple. However, Cibrian told ET their usual date nights are much different.

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"For us, we would rather just sit at home in, like, sweats," Cibrian joked, "And just do nothing. That would be a great date night."

Cibrian also addressed the recent press, and the way the paparazzi have hounded him and Rimes in front of their children.

"What's great about our kids is that they really know what it's all about," Cibrian said. "Some people ask very rude questions when the kids are around, 'Dad, you know it's so funny that every time someone comes up to you and asks those questions, or whatever's in magazines, we know that's not really true.' And I go, 'Yeah, you're right. It's not really true.' At least they are smart enough and mature enough to understand that."

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Check out the video for more from Eddie Cibrian about Rimes' support of his movie career, and hear from some of the other stars of The Best Man Holiday about what it's like to work together again after all these years.

The Best Man Holiday is set to hit theaters November 15.