Hiddleston's 10 Best 'Thor 2' Promotional Moments


Like Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone before him, Tom Hiddleston has become more than an actor since exploding onto the scene with 2011's Thor; he's become a source of obsession and devotion for Hiddles' Army (what his fans call themselves) and a source of unbridled entertainment for the rest of us.

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From dancing to singing to spoofing, Hiddleston has gone above and beyond the call of duty during this latest promotional push for Thor: The Dark World, supplying us with countless clickable moments to watch and share ad infinitum. But like the celebrities who fuel them, not all stunts are created equal so check out Tom Hiddleston's 10 Best Thor 2 Promotional Moments!

Loki Returns To Comic Con

It all began back in July when Marvel's panel was interrupted when Loki crashed the Con and delivered a rousing speech that set the internet on fire!

Arguing With Everyone

Taking a page from AT&T's book, Comedy Central paired Loki with a couple of kids for a focus group that was destined to end poorly.

Dance It Out!

While promoting Thor 2 in Korea, Tom was challenged to flaunt his fancy footwork and a million GIFs were born. A request that was repeatedly asked from that point forward.

A Well-Rounded Entertainer

Dancing wasn't the only talent Tom was asked to spotlight on this promotional tour as singing quickly became part of his repertoire as well.

The Man Leaves (And Does) A Big Impression

A simple request -- to do an impression of Samuel L. Jackson as Loki -- took on a life of its own as the actor was subsequently pressed to do impressions of other actors. The highlight was easily his take on Owen Wilson.

Surprising Children

On October 30, Hiddleston made a surprise appearance at a kid-centric advance screening of Thor: The Dark World, posing for photos, chatting them up and generally being an all-around amazing guy.

C is For Cookie

Tom Hiddleston cozied up to Cookie Monster for an absolutely adorable segment about delayed gratification that instantly delivered.

His Emotional Farewell

While on the Thor: The Dark World red carpet, a reporter suggests that this could be his final Marvel premiere ever, which evokes a surprising reaction from Tom that might make you cry as well.

Thor: The Dark World
opens November 8.