Concert Documentary '12-12-12' Debuts in NY


Some of the biggest names in the entertainment world came together last December for a benefit concert that raised more than $50 million to aid New York victims of Super Storm Sandy. The star-studded event was the basis for the new documentary 12-12-12, which made it's New York debut on Friday.

"I was there the night of the 12-12-12 concert, and I really wasn't going to come tonight because I'm thinking I was there, I saw it," said CBS This Morning co-anchor Gayle King at the premiere. "And Harvey (12-12-12 producer Harvey Weinstein) -- as only Harvey can do -- said you haven't seen anything like this. Even though you were there, you are going to see things that you've never seen before, all the drama behind the scenes." 

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Also stopping by to chat was The Good Wife star Josh Charles, who recounted his own experience coping with Super Storm Sandy and also spoke about how he and other cast members decided to celebrated the show's 100th episode by helping rebuild homes damaged in the storm. "The important thing about that though is that there are still families out there who are struggling. Here we are a year later and some people still don't have their homes together," Charles said.

Watch the video to also hear from Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters about his involvement in 12-12-12, which hits theaters November 15. All box
office proceeds from the documentary's theatrical run will go to the
Robin Hood Sandy Relief Fund, which supports organizations still
providing assistance to storm victims in New York, New Jersey, and

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