Exclusive Clip: An Appreciation of Calvin & Hobbes


The beloved classic comic strip Calvin & Hobbes burned brightly during its 10-year run from 1985-1995, until creator Bill Watterson decided to retire his strip, leaving millions of fans reeling from the sudden departure of the clever young boy with an active imagination and his stuffed tiger compadre by his side. The new documentary Dear Mr. Watterson: An Exploration of Calvin & Hobbes hits theaters Friday, and we have an exclusive clip that explores the universal appeal of the characters!

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From celebrity fans including Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Greene and Bloom County comic creator Berke Breathed to everyday appreciators, the origins of Calvin & Hobbes and the career trajectory of its humble creator are lovingly explored in Dear Mr. Watterson, which makes sure to respect the private life of the retired artist who has kept an extremely low profile in Ohio and has steadfastly declined to license his beloved characters for any wide commercial purposes.

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Dear Mr. Watterson was directed by Joel Allen Schroeder, who grew up reading Calvin & Hobbes in the Post-Crescent newspaper in Appleton, WI and had a particular fondness of Calvin's love of snow -- and twisted snow sculptures.