Lautner Stretch Armstrong Pic That Could Have Been


Until last month, Relativity Media group was planning on creating a Stretch Armstrong film, based on the once-popular children's toy of the same name.

But before Relativity Media began working on the project, Universal had planned to make it, and cast Twilight's Taylor Lautner in the lead role. They even began story-boarding the project before it was scrapped.

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Now, the website Film Sketcher has posted
the animatic of the storyboards, created by artist Collin Grant, giving us all a glimpse at the Taylor Lautner Stretch Armstrong movie that could have been.

Based on this animatic, the film looked like it would have been shockingly violent action oriented, with superpowers other than super-stretch.

If you haven't heard of Stretch Armstrong, it was a large, gel-filled action figure in the shape of a muscle-bound blonde man made of latex rubber whose main feature was you could stretch the foot-tall figure nearly five feet in any direction, proving that toys from the 1970s were a little strange.

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