Nick Frost Dances for Love in 'Cuban Fury' Trailer

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Hot Fuzz
star Nick Frost is back, and he's hitting the dance floor to prove himself as a man in this hilarious trailer for the upcoming Cuban Fury.

The film follows Frost as an overweight office drone who falls in love with his American co-worker played by Parks and Rec's Rashida Jones. However, his controlling and demeaning boss, played by the hilarious Chris O'Dowd, wants to get with her as well.

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Frost discovers that Jones loves dancing, and it just so happens that in his younger years, he was a world-class dancer. Now, many pounds heavier and totally out of practice, he goes back to his own instructor, played by Deadwood's Ian McShane, to get back into top form.

The movie looks like a fun, goofy rom-com that could really deliver on the laughs, if you look at the amazing track-record of all those starring.

Cuban Fury
hits theaters in the UK in February of 2014, but no American release day is currently set.