Oscar Isaac: No Lip-Sync in 'Inside Llewyn Davis'


Movie musicals have made a Hollywood comeback in recent years and one of the next ones to look forward to is the Coen Bros' latest offering, Inside Llewyn Davis. We caught up with the film's lead, up-and-coming actor Oscar Isaac, who revealed he does a lot of singing in multiple full-length sets -- and all of it live!

Oscar stopped by to chat on the red carpet at last night's AFI premiere screening in Hollywood and revealed that even though he's taken other singing roles, this one was definitely more intense. "This was totally different because there are full songs played in their entirety, there's like eight songs in the movie and we did it all live, no playback, there's no lip-syncing. So everything you see is exactly how it was captured in the moment."  

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Oscar portrays struggling musician Llewyn Davis, who is trying to find his voice as an artist in the New York's Greenwich Village folk scene in the early '60. Inside Llewyn Davis -- hitting theaters December 20 -- also stars Coen Brothers mainstay John Goodman, as well as Justin Timberlake, Tron actor Garrett Hedlund, Girls actors Alex Karpovsky and Adam Driver and F. Murray Abraham.

"This one deals with a period I don't really know much about, I was nine years old at the time. But I was really interested and I just love that music," Goodman shared about his role.

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Watch the video to also hear Oscar talk about again teaming up with co-star Carey Mulligan, with whom he worked together in the Ryan Gosling crime drama Drive.