Exclusive: 'Tank Girl' Lori Petty's Set Mishap


Remember Tank Girl? The colorful, eccentric and strangely entertaining riot-grrl classic starring Lori Petty hit theaters back in 1995, and now the reclusive Petty has emerged to tell some entertaining tales about the making of the movie in this exclusive clip from this week's new Shout! Factory Blu-ray bonus features -- including the time she got locked in a Baby Gap in an abandoned Phoenix mall and the production had to be halted because they couldn't find their star!

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Based on the comic book by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlet,the post-apocalyptic Tank Girl follows the denizens of a world in 2033 where civilization has all but been destroyed by a humongous meteor. With water in scarce supply, the malevolent Water & Power company, led by Kesslee (played by Malcolm McDowell), uses the must-have resource to control the world's population. But the army of Rippers (half-men/half-kangaroo people, featuring Ice-T's character) have teamed up with the irreverent Tank Girl (Petty) to bring Water & Power down. Will their clash destroy them all? A young Naomi Watts also stars...

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Tank Girl is out on Blu-ray Tuesday with bonus features that include commentary with director Rachel Talalay and Lori Petty; interviews with Talalay, Petty and production designer Catherine Hardwicke; a vintage featurette and trailer.