Fans Hold Cyber Q&A with 'Catching Fire' Stars

Fans Hold Cyber Q&A with 'Catching Fire' Stars

ET's Rocsi Diaz was inside one of the 24 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire screenings hosted by Subway last night, where she got those lucky fans to record questions for the film's stars that were later played for the actors at the Los Angeles premiere.

The first question ("Were you intimidated to find out you had to play this amazing character without a shirt for half of the movie?") was directed at Sam Claflin (Finnick).

"Yes!" Sam said with a giggle.

Star Liam Hemsworth was asked the big question.

"Please, Liam, marry me," said one female fan.

"We'd probably have to meet each other and have some conversation before we dive into marriage," said Liam.

In honor of the movie, Subway has partnered with Feeding America in an effort to donate one million meals to those in need, and fans play a major role. Fans can head down to their local Subway and take a picture of themselves with a cutout of the characters. Subway will donate a meal for every picture tweeted with the hashtag "subtract huinger."

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens November 22.