WATCH: Wood and Speedman Go 'Barefoot' In Romcom


The romantic comedy genre is full of similar story lines and cliche dialog, so it's refreshing when a movie comes along that looks like it takes the conventions of a romcom, but truly has fun turning them into something special. The upcoming movie Barefoot looks like it might just be a breath of fresh air for movies about love.

star Scott Speedman plays the black sheep in a wealthy southern family who is a degenerate gambler and a womanizer. One day, he meets a young female patient from a psychiatric clinic, played by True Blood's Evan Rachel Wood, who was raised in isolation from society for almost her entire life.

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He invites her to run away with him and be his guest to his brother's wedding, in an attempt to prove to his family that he is a more responsible son. However, her quirks and eccentricities from not understanding social graces charm him into falling in love. She teaches him how to be a better person, and he teaches her how to really live.

This might sound a little familiar, but the indie charm and excellent acting, from the likes of Treat Williams and J.K. Simmons, might just elevate this film above its predecessors.

Also, the movie is directed by Andrew Fleming, who has helmed classic comedy projects such as Hamlet 2 and Dick, as well as the cult classic The Craft.

is set to hit theaters in limited release on February 21.

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