Jack Reacher Set to Return for 'Never Go Back'

Jack Reacher Set to Return for 'Never Go Back'

After the success of Jack Reacher in December of last year, it looks like Tom Cruise will be lacing up his military boots and going back to kick some more bad guys in the face for a sequel, according to Deadline.

The film series is based on the best-selling series of novels by author Lee Childs, who has written 16 novels featuring Reacher. The newly-announced sequel, titled Never Back Down, will be an adaptation of Childs' most-recent Reacher novel of the same name.

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In the series, Reacher is a former investigator in the Military Police who leaves the service and begins taking odd jobs working as an investigator for hire.

The sequel will find Reacher heading back to his old military base to meet with a female commanding officer that he once knew. When he gets there, the woman has been arrested, and Reacher is charged with crimes he didn't commit. He has to use his combat skills and deductive reasoning to figure out who is setting him up.

Currently, Cruise is prepping to start production on Mission: Impossible 5, which is being helmed by Jack Reacher director Christopher McQuarrie. The studio backing Never Go Back is looking to hire McQuarrie to direct the sequel when production on MI5 is complete.