First Look: Rolling Stones' 'Return to Hyde Park'

First Look: Rolling Stones' 'Return to Hyde Park'

ET has your first look at the television premiere of The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun - Return to Hyde Park documentary airing on Showtime December 20th, which chronicles the legendary rock band as they returned to Hyde Park, London this summer almost 44 years to the day after their legendary free concert in July 1969.

Though according to Mick Jagger, the original concert was actually a sad time since ex-Rolling Stones band leader Brian Jones had died just two days earlier.

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"The sad thing was that Brian Jones died just two days before the concert, which obviously, it put a real downer on it," Mick recalls. "We felt really bad and we felt devastated and very sad about it. So we had to rise above that, and include that as a sort of -- almost make it like -- a memorial to Brian in a way."

As for making their triumphant return to Hyde Park, Keith Richards says it was perfect timing.

"The gig turned up on our plate you know, and it's this 50 year celebration -- which we prefer not to rub it in -- but at the same time you can't ignore it. And it was the perfect time, if you're gonna go back to Hyde Park, it was the perfect summer to do it."

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The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun - Return to Hyde Park, which features new performances of The Rolling Stones' greatest hits across a career spanning 50 years, plus a special appearance by former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor, will make its world television premiere next Friday, December 20, on Showtime.