Huston Celebrates Memoir at Hollywood Bash

Huston Celebrates Memoir at Hollywood Bash

Anjelica Huston recently released her revealing memoir, A Story Lately Told, and ET's special correspondent Cheryl Woodcock recently caught up with the iconic actress at a star-studded party in Hollywood to celebrate her new book launch!

"It's funny I was laughing about this the other morning because I guess I've been in show business for a long time, but there's a lot that people don't know about me," the 62-year-old Huston told Woodcock during the bash held  at the home of Hollywood producer Mike Medavoy and his wife, Irina. "And I think most of that time is the time I spent as a model and my upbringing."

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Huston said it's quite different doing a movie publicity tour compared to a book tour, but said so far she's having a good time. "While I've been on many movie tours, it hasn't all been about me. Usually a movie comprises so many people and with a book you're pretty much on their own," she said. When asked whether she shares any details about her long-term relationship with Jack Nicholson in the memoir, Huston and said readers will have to wait for the next book for that!

Woodcock also spoke with Jay Fielden, Editor of Town & Country magazine, which sponsored the event with David Yurman. "It's a beautiful book I have to say, very powerful," Fielden said A Story Lately Told. "Memoirs are not easy and I think probably the more interesting your life, the harder they are to write," he added.

VIDEO: Anjelica Huston 'Shares A Lot' in New Memoir

Fielden also reflected on a magazine piece they did on Huston, featuring her lifelong love of horses. "Its a very lovely piece, remembering all the relationships she's had with all of these lovely, handsome horses, and what they meant to her throughout her life."

Watch the video for more, including an interview with Helen Mirren in which she reveals her favorite Anjelica Huston movie and a special toast by the guest of honor that included a shout-out to Hollywood acting icons Jane Fonda and Lauren Hutton. David Yurman hosted the event and dressed the ladies in his glittering jewels.