Behind the Scenes of Lopez's 'La Vida Robot'


ET was on the set of George Lopez's upcoming film La Vida Robot to find out all about the film and how Lopez handled taking on a more serious character.

La Vida Robot
is based on the true story of four teenagers who form a robotics team with only $800 and used car parts. Their determination and passion help them build an underwater robot that wins the national robotics competition and dethrones the wiz kids of reigning champion MIT.

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In the drama, Lopez takes on the role of teacher Fredi Cameron, which required less comedy and more gravity. Accustomed to making people laugh, the actor and comedian had to restrain himself from his comedic habits.

"In the privacy of the makeup trailer I do [make people laugh], is very difficult for me because if I get to the point where I seem like I'm in a good mood, I'm out of character," Lopez said. "So, I have to stay a little bit focused 'cause the real Fredi's here, and his sense of humor's a little bit different than mine."

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Joining Lopez, who is also producer of the film, are Jamie Lee Curtis (a principal), Marisa Tomei (a teacher), and Carlos Pena (Oscar Vasquez, robotics team). Pena, who starred on the TV series Big Time Rush, was given the useful opportunity to collaborate with the man he plays in the film.

"Hearing their story and learning about each one of the characters has been a crazy process and meeting them in person now on-set is pretty surreal 'cause they are completely different but yet the same with how we're playing our characters," said Pena.

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Watch the video above for more from the cast and a behind-the-scenes look at La Vida Robot, which is slated for release in 2014.