Julia on Foul-Mouthed 'Osage County' Character


Cursing is certainly not one of Julia Roberts' on-screen trademarks, but her character in August: Osage County is quite the foul-mouthed woman.

"It's not my normal go-to way of expressing strong feelings," Roberts said during ET's behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming black comedy drama. "I mean, I think a well-placed one [curse word] can really go a long way."

VIDEO: Julia Roberts Reacts to Her 'Osage County' Noms

The bulk of those curse words are directed at Roberts' character's mother in the film, portrayed by the renowned Meryl Streep.

While their characters are at-odds, Roberts and Streep got along well off-camera. Roberts revealed that her legendary co-star was a gracious host and would invite the cast over for dinners, which also doubled as rehearsals.

Watch the video for a full behind-the-scenes look at August Osage: County, in theaters December 27.

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